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New Blended 2021 London Complete GAMSAT Course by Gold Standard

For over 10 years, Gold Standard has delivered top-quality GAMSAT courses in London at Imperial College London and St George's University, London, providing unique and effective learning experiences to GAMSAT candidates in the UK. In fact, we are the first to bring problem-based learning – the current method of teaching at most medical schools worldwide – to GAMSAT teaching at campuses in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

However, due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic situation (e.g., government restrictions, health risks), we have temporarily moved our courses online, along with the best of our multimedia programme.

We continue to deliver the same level of quality teaching and expertise through our live interactive online tutorials on Sundays leading up to the next GAMSAT sitting. Our next session starts at 11 am BST on August 7st, 2021. Register now: Online GAMSAT Tutorials

complete GAMSAT course by Gold Standard
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The Most Comprehensive Multimedia, Blended GAMSAT Program Ever Assembled

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online GAMSAT course: multimedia with question bank
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Online GAMSAT Course with Question Bank:
All Subjects Covered, Strategies, Instant Access

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online GAMSAT tutorials: problem-based learning
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Live tutorials with a GAMSAT expert on Sundays leading up to the next exam

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2021-2022 GAMSAT preparation books: Gold Standard Masters Series
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The 2021-2022 New GAMSAT Masters Series Books:
Up-to-date Content for the Digital GAMSAT Exam

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Gold Standard GAMSAT Courses London

Get excited about learning again.

The most practice questions (6000+), the most videos (300+), the most full-length mock exams (15), and the most experience teaching GAMSAT courses. The best GAMSAT preparation courses in London just got better.

Gold Standard GAMSAT Facebook student review
  • N
    • Nathan Benson

    "This course is absolutely perfect. Felt overwhelmed for all three sections before I started studying for the GAMSAT, and this helped me so much for all of them. . ."

  • N
    • Nimmi Carlose

    "Excellent preparation materials including the book, videos, and practice exams…Thanks so much for all the effort you put in. Well worth investing in."

  • D
    • Dominic Givney

    "… the youtube breakdowns of EVERY SINGLE ACER past paper for FREE is truly a godsend for anybody who is studying for GAMSAT. For someone from a Non-Science Background such as myself, having these resources available to help me understand why I was getting questions wrong, and to provide a possible method for solving each of these questions was amazing. I can't thank Dr Ferdinand and his team enough for his work."

  • J
    • Julia Khaziakhmetova

    "When I decided to take GAMSAT, I was completely lost and did not know where should I start since I did not have a science background... I purchased the book that guided me around main topics and the HEAP book with 10 practise tests, I watched every single available webinar, I did live courses on campus, and used essay-correction services. I enjoyed listening to Dr Ferdinand because he does it with passion and a genuine desire to help students... I could not be more satisfied and confident with my preparation."

  • I
    • Isha Sharma

    "I just received my GAMSAT results and I'm over the moon with the results! I certainly would not have been able to do it without your help!"

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Gold Standard GAMSAT Google student review
  • I
    • Izumi Hart

    "The dedication, conscientious student-centred approach and excellent collaboration within the team are evident in the comprehensive range of their service – the textbooks, Question of the Day, webinars, videos, work solutions for practice tests, the Heaps book, the Live Course and the Essay Correction Service, to name a few. . ."

  • C
    • Conor O'Brien

    "Thank you Dr Ferdinand and the GS team. I sat GAMSAT for the first time in March 2018 and it would've been a complete disaster without your help. I come from a non-science background and after doing a lot of research into the GAMSAT courses that are available I chose Gold Standard. The content is great but I found the direction on how to approach the test the equally as useful. I've heard stories from people who have done other GAMSAT courses and they weren't provided with the depth of instruction and support that I received from GS."

  • K
    • Kim Chi

    "Explanations were very thorough (the youtube videos are SO helpful, especially since they go through the step-by-step process). Gold Standards' materials allow us students to develop sound reasoning skills and fundamental knowledge :) Real life-saver."

  • N
    • Nathan Benson

    "So thankful for this course! No better way to study for the GAMSAT! You guys have thought of everything."

  • B
    • Brad Williamson

    "I must say Dr Ferdinand and the Gold Standard team have been an invaluable resource. These resources have made the seemingly impossible quite possible and I cannot thank you enough; the textbooks, videos and these endless hours of youtube content have been a Godsend. Thank you so much!"

  • A
    • Amber Sheth

    "I don't know how I would have prepared without Gold standard!!!!! Absolutely amazing especially all the Youtube videos with worked solutions, the textbook and online videos and chapter review questions. Would HIGHLY recommend if you are serious about preparing for GAMSAT!!!"

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